Surekha's Cookhouse

The House of flavors, tastes, recipes and healthy tips.

I am a house wife who loves to cook and eat healthy. In this health conscious world It is necessary to know more about what you put in your gut than to just fill it. After many research my husband and I realized that food plays a vital role not only for living but also for the future generation. Thus my husband decided to share our knowledge about cooking right and eating healthy food to the world through this site.

We are an Indian couple living in Sweden. It's been almost a year since our lifestyle changed from processed microwavable food to clean and fresh home cooked meals. This change in lifestyle Improved our health and our savings drastically.

There is a famous movie quote "Anyone can cook" from Ratatouille. I realized the quote is true since I started cooking. As a child I love to eat and try new foods from different cuisines all over the world. But I was bit skeptical about cooking them. Before last year I didn't know how to make even a cup of coffee.

Are you new to kitchen like me? Are you scared of where and how to start? This site is to help newbies not only for cooking, but also for Indian cuisine. This site just started to document our cooking journey, later found that it may help others to cook as well.

Its been almost a year since I got married and started my cooking exploration. I have come across many failures like all. But learnt many tricks to overcome those failures. I taught I could share my failures and tricks with all.

This is not a course or a tutorial to follow any strict rules. The recipes in this site is just my way of cooking.  I hope this site helps you to cook right and eat right.