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Secret of Healthy living

Secret of healthy living is Healthy eating. Many factors affect our health. Some you cannot control, such as your genetic makeup or your age and some you can like eating right. By taking steps towards healthy living, you can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and other serious diseases. Healthy Eating is the basic step for healthy living.

It doesn’t have any diet plans. It’s very simple and you need not keep track of calories or spend time in gym for workouts. Healthy eating is nothing but intuitive eating (Creating a Healthy Relationship With Food, Mind & Body). Healthy eating begins from healthy cooking.

Healthy cooking doesn't mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or invest in an expensive cookware. You can use basic cooking techniques to prepare food in healthy ways. The cooking methods described here best captures the flavor and retain the nutrients in foods along with keeping them fresh and healthy.

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